Les Halles…an interesting intervention.

If you’ve ever been to Les Halles in Paris, you would be dissapointed with French Architecture. Deemed the ‘belly of Paris’, many Parisians are frustrated with the disregard by officials of proposals for a new intervention. I was introduced to the most recent itteration (yes a little behind the times) by architects Patrick Berger and Jacques Anziutti, in AIArchitects’ 16 vol. article, Pushing the Limits: Contemporary Parisian Architecture in Historic Contexts. A 2007 competition winner, this massive canopy spanning 396 by 462 feet, described by the architects as an “undulating movements of a manta ray,” in a NY times article, promises to provide new cultural and commercial spaces beneath.  The most recent articles I’ve located are dated 2007, leaving me to believe this current negelected part of Paris, will continue to be consisered the ‘belly’ of nowhere. Expected to be completed by 2012, I look forward to the transformation of the eye sore. One can only hope for a ‘true’ intervention.


typography as map

I ran across Mark Andrew Webber, a graphic designer from Reading, England a few days ago.  He does incredible typographical maps of major cities.  He’s currently working on London!  I’m hoping Amsterdam is still available!

groundbreaking efforts in Renewable Energy….

According to CNN, researchers in Florida have begun efforts to see if currents from the gulf stream could harness energy for the state of Florida.  As the US becomes more and more aware of the potential shortages of energy, researches are working feverishly behind closed doors to try and stay ahead of the population.  It’s amazing to see existing concepts being applied in different ways.   “The new ocean turbines have the same concept as turbines on land”, states CNN.  Studies are now being done on the effects these rudders could potentially have on marine life.  Because most of us do not see what lies beneath on a day to day basis, I wonder how patrolling the rudders might be necessary?  It seems almost invasive to pollute a habitat with mechanical armatures, to benefit the “good” of the earth.  I’ll be interested to hear the findings.

SPUR meets cyclist

Fascinating what you’ll gain  from a local SPUR event…and what better plug than a room full of urban designers, pushing sustainable planning and cycle friendly cities.  Wonder what all the hype is about?  Designer Blake Mills has invented a clever device  :: The Helmet Lock :: [patent pending], that safely secures your helmet to your U-Lock.  A hands free solution for die hard cyclists.  Interested?  Visit the website…. http://www.thehelmetlock.com/and most importantly, don’t forget to shoot Blake a note to let him know how your getting along with your new gadget.

These nifty contraptions are $12.95 for one and $19.95 for two!

pecha kucha

A Denver friend of mine just introduced me to pecha kucha [japanese for chit chat].  These gatherings are worldwide, so see if there is a group near you.  A fantastic opportunity to network and see what local artists/designers are doing and hone your presentation skillz.  So if you are up to it…be a presentor.  I think I’ll give it a shot.   The next gathering in SF is July 30th, are you going?


It’s always a pleasure to find something by accident.  After visiting the UrbanOmnibus website, I checekd out a link to an event they were having at the Old American Can Factory.  [Looks like a great place in Brooklyn, by the way]  The link then led me to ‘the people working at the Old American Can Factory’ and found this fantastic artist called Damien Correll.  I especially like Raymondo: The Depressed Rainbow….quirky.

High Line is Open!!!

An awaited High Line Park is now open!  In 2005 I visited the MOMA in NY where I saw the Diller + Scofidio exhibit of the proposed transformation of  an abandoned elevated railway…. another good reason to visit NYC!  This will not dissapoint.