Self Sufficiency…an Island Dedicated to Change

The new york times just published a great article about Samso, Denmark, a small Danish Island located South of Denmark and West of Copenhagen. Last year the town embarked on a ten year study to see if their island of 4,000 could sustain itself. After a year, with help from mainland Denmark, Samso is self sufficient, and could potentially sell the extra energy it gains from it’s off shore, turbines. Wind turbines, burning straw (in kitchen furnaces), ground heat extraction and my personal favorite, a ‘special pump that captures heat from a farmers’ dairy cow milk, were all simple ways in aiding this effort.’ What I like most about the article is the simplicity of becoming self sufficient “or simply to clarify the scale of what is needed” as one of the founders of Cambridge Energy Forum in England so concisely puts it.

Check out the article here!


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