“Be Happy”

AIArchitect Editorial Advisory Group member Mina Chow, AIA produced a fantastic web video titled, ‘BE HAPPY’. http://info.aia.org/aiarchitect/thisweek09/0821/0821rc_behappy.cfm.

What’s your story?

I love architecture because it is a marking of time, a unique story with a very loud voice of social, cultural and economic resonance. When I was 9, I wanted every house I entered to be different. I wanted to learn, to investigate the differences. I was disappointed that each of my neighbors had very similar homes, so I decided to become an architect and help provide uniqueness to EVERYONE!


2 responses to ““Be Happy”

  1. I’m glad that these thoughts are getting around. I created this video because so many of my good friends were out of work. I just got back from shooting a documentary in China for USC. What I learned from living and watching the people (my heritage) there was this extraordinary ability to KEEP LIVING, LOVING, LAUGHING even when what the Chinese people have is so much less materialistically than us as Americans. They are flexible. They don’t complain. They just adapt and survive –and they are happy.

    • Hi Mina,
      Thanks for commenting! I appreciate you sharing your experience. We are SO fortunate to be Americans and people often lose sight of what is important and that is LIVING, LOVING and LAUGHING! I do hope that this Recession will encourage a more fruitful attitude. By the way, is your documentary available to outside viewers? I’d love to see it.
      Best -stephanie

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