Les Halles…an interesting intervention.

If you’ve ever been to Les Halles in Paris, you would be dissapointed with French Architecture. Deemed the ‘belly of Paris’, many Parisians are frustrated with the disregard by officials of proposals for a new intervention. I was introduced to the most recent itteration (yes a little behind the times) by architects Patrick Berger and Jacques Anziutti, in AIArchitects’ 16 vol. article, Pushing the Limits: Contemporary Parisian Architecture in Historic Contexts. A 2007 competition winner, this massive canopy spanning 396 by 462 feet, described by the architects as an “undulating movements of a manta ray,” in a NY times article, promises to provide new cultural and commercial spaces beneath.  The most recent articles I’ve located are dated 2007, leaving me to believe this current negelected part of Paris, will continue to be consisered the ‘belly’ of nowhere. Expected to be completed by 2012, I look forward to the transformation of the eye sore. One can only hope for a ‘true’ intervention.


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